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How Data is important in digital transformation

How Data is important in digital transformation

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Today’s businesses have changed completely into a competitive affair. The data has become a core form of any reinvention of an operation. All those companies that have not upgraded in dealing with their data, could have to watch their disruption from a sideline. Because all the organizations are propelling into new technologies, processes and science that can rewrite their business rules. It is spinning over the head to see how the organizations are radically rethinking into using these technologies for a potential digital transformation. The foundation of all this is how well you are utilizing the data with quality and initiative governance. Here are a few key things one should consider leveraging data for an exceptional journey of digital transformation.

Data Strategy

The data should be structured in a proper way to achieve an agile process while delivering value to the organization. The right kind of data strategies is those that can help a business grow, adapt to the changing technologies, and also allow to gain an equal contribution from all sectors of the business. 

What are those strategies?

Strategies in regards to the data are those methods, procedures, architecture, services, usage patterns by using which data can be acquired. The acquired data is then stored, integrated, secured, monitored, managed, tested, analysed, consumed and then operationalized. All the businesses that are on an embarking journey towards digital transformation should need a plan that can judiciously use the information as an embodied asset. Formulating this kind of strategy is the first step to accomplish it.

Data Quality

Companies that are in thought towards digital transformation should consider creating the best quality data and at a faster pace. That means continuous review and cleansing of data which is significant to the business is the next process to look at. Blending data from different systems in a logical and standardized form helps to understand which information is necessary for the business. Securing data and making it accessible to authorized users acros the organization can help better handling while protecting its quality without any hamper. 

How can you accomplish that?

Through crowdsources approach and decentralization of the data ownership. This should take place among the right stakeholders while the company concentrates on its quality management without any compromise. By doing so, it helps other departments to come up with their expertise and at the same time ensuring accountability and transparency into data.

Data Governance 

It is an essential part of the victorious digital transformation journey. Like any other governance, information governance also falls under the universal model which consists of a set of processes, guidelines, roles and policies. It helps to manage the information assets while safeguarding their accuracy and integrity. It helps an organization to build a system that can control data, that which holds a great strategic value. 

How can you achieve such governance?

  • By ensuring the norms are met while adhering to the standards. 
  • Changing the ways and standards in an organization to introduce, evaluate and generate confirmed policies.
  • The process and procedure need to help data find a solution to the company’s life cycle by providing responsibilities to each entity.
  • Guidelines on communications between various departments of the business should be set, maintained and achieved.


Generating data insights is a complex activity. It involves procedures like creating clean, usable and consistent data to form statistical models. Using those models one should create a visualization on how the best data can be interpreted. To form insight is a task itself and imagine the work goes for analyzing it? And how about data that is in huge volumes with a lot of complexities hidden? 

This requires the intervention of data scientists, who are not much available. That is when one should consider the use of Artificial Intelligence. Incorporating the AI into the data can help discover game-changing insights, while the weighing jobs are taken care of with tools and technologies. This also ensures a little intervention of human and a lot of elimination to the errors. Thereby helping in making unbiased and value-added decision making.


It is high time to reiterate the point that data at any given phase of business is the king. There are no other thoughts that can convince otherwise. How to use that data to transform your company digitally is where the whole capability depends on. Making the right strategies, quality management, accurate governance, converting the insights into reality, are the main concepts one need to focus on to achieve the goal. Organizations that have understood this significance of data in digital transformation have set themselves on top and reached the place as market leaders. 

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