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 Information technology products and solutions.

Technology Solution
Digital Transformation

Incorporating technology into all aspects of business by improving business operations and marketing strategies that are better suited for modern consumer demands.

We are a team of experienced IT professionals with in depth understanding oft technology trends. We are always looking ahead to emerging technologies, while mastering existing ones….

Focused Range

Delivering and managing application value from designing, building, deploying, and integrating.


One Vision

Innovative and cost effective products that create value for ourCustomer, Investors, Employees & Partners.


Enterprise Support

We are providing  Enterprise Application Development Support with a solid infrastructure.

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Team Members

Rakesh Reddy
Chief Executive Officer

Rakesh Reddy is a founder of 4-Serv and has a passion to build and see 4-Serv as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America and Worldwide. He has a passion for technology and a strong sense for business. He is responsible for long-term growth strategy, overall management and operations.

Michael Collins
Business Development and Sales

Michael Collins is Business Development and Sales Executive at 4-Serv  and offers a unique blend of technical, consultative and personal skills to his clients. He is responsible 4-Serv’s customer base expansion and growth, and finds great satisfaction in helping companies undergo digital transformation. He is dedicated in building relationships and passionate about continuous and never ending improvement.

Olivia Albright
Director of Human Resources

Olivia Albright oversees employees in the company’s Michigan headquarters. Her responsibilities include direction and administration of all human resources and employee and labor relations activities, including workforce planning, talent acquisition and management, organizational development, training, and compensation.

Victor Rudrapati
Vice president- Delivery, APAC

Victor is responsible for 4-Serv’s APAC projects and product deliveries. He also has oversight of entire APAC operations. He has more than 15 years of experience in professional services industry. solutions and services delivery. He has lead, developed and implemented best practices to drive outstanding customer experience across all services supported by 4-Serv.
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