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Optimize time, Enhance Value

We Increase physician’s revenue and their operational efficiency by allowing paperless collection process, streamlining data entry and producing accurate claims.

ePhase is a cloud based secure portal application that allows physicians to automate storing patient information, documenting patient visit, sending insurance claims and collecting balances.

The Future is Here : Unique billing product that will modernize the way you practice.


  • Patient admission sheets can be filled in less than 2 minutes- preloaded patient information, diagnostic codes, insurance information, hospital information, billing information and account information
  • Scan or photo capture patient admission face sheet and uploaded the face sheet into the database.
  • Module that will send the patient admission sheets with billing codes to the assigned biller, track progress and report closure.
  • Implement a full-fledged reporting system that will track patients, hospitals and biller information by various detentions.

This application is hosted in Amazon AWS cloud service and available on ALL devices like iPhone, Android based phones, Desktops and iPads.

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